Pass around (19:45-20:15)

    • Mini lamb kofta with mint yoghurt

      Slow-baked sirloin with caper mousse

      Prawns in tempura with plum and chilli sauce

      Lentil truffles with harissa fried in panko served with kimchi (VEGE)

    GALA DINNER (20:15 - 21:00)

    • Pate Foie Gras served in a shortcrust tartlet with caramelized fig


      Fresh Rolls with vegetables and plum sauce (VEGE)
    • Beef carpaccio with parmesan, freshly grated truffle, capers and olive oil


      Avocado tartare with apple, shallot, pickled cucumber and pickled mushrooms (VEGE)

    MAIN COURSE (21:00 - 22:30)

    • Goose broth with mini dumplings


      Vichyssoise cream with roasted pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds (VEGE)
    • Cod tenderloin with asparagus risotto in lemon butter sauce with saffron


      Beef fillet steak with grilled vegetables, potato gratin and pepper sauce with cognac


      Risotto with asparagus and freshly grated truffle

    COLD BUFFET (from 22:30)

  • Salmon tartare with tobiko caviar, Japanese 7 spices, leek, mayonnaise and chives

    Grilled vegetable tartare with harissa and lovage (VEGE)

    Beef tartare with classic additions on pumpernickel

    Cocktail of prawns marinated in lime juice, chilli and coriander

    Mini vol au vent with goose mousse and apple

    Selection of roasted meats and pickles

    Selection of cheeses and fruits

    Quiche with spinach, broccoli and blue cheese (VEGE)

    Caesar salad with chicken and capers

    Papaya salad with roasted veal, bean sprouts, pak choi and pomegranate

    Tabbouleh with tomatoes, paprika, cucumber, mint, lemon and sesame oil (VEGE)

    HOT BUFFET (from 22:30)

  • SOUP
    • Baked peppers and tomato cream soup (VEGE)

      Sour rye soup with white sausage and marjoram
    • Pike-perch in mushroom sauce

      Salmon fillet in dill sauce

      Confit duck thigh in cherry sauce

      Sweet and spicy pork

      Nasi goreng with vegetables (VEGE)

      Dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms (VEGE)

      Roasted potatoes with rosemary (VEGE)

      Red cabbage with spices (VEGE)

      Vegetables in oyster sauce (VEGE)

    DESSERT BUFFET (from 22:30)

  • Lemon tartlet

    Cheesecake with white chocolate

    Mini Pâte à Choux with pistachio cream

    Crème Brûlée with raspberries

    Chocolat brownie with walnuts

    Selection of fresh fruits

    OPEN BAR (20:30 – 04:00)

  • Sparkling wine / Prosecco
    • Santa Margerita Prosecco P, Extra Dry, Italy
  • White wine
    • Spier Signature, Chenin Blanc, Western Cape, RPA
  • Red wine
    • Spier Signature, Shiraz, Stellenbosch, RPA
  • Vodka
    • Żubrówka Czarna, Żubrówka Bison Grass
  • Whiskey
    • Bushmills, Jim Beam White
  • Gin
    • Finsbury
  • Rum
    • Bacardi Carta Blanca, Bacardi Carta Oro, Bacardi Carta Negra, Bacardi Oakheart
  • Tequila
    • Jose Cuervo Silver, Jose Cuervo Reposado
  • Vermouth
    • Martini Bianco, Martini Extra Dry, Martini Rosato, Martini Rosso
  • Brandy
    • Metaxa *12
  • Porto
    • N.V. Royal Oporto, White Dry Porto, Douro, Portugal, N.V. Offley Ruby Porto, Douro, Portugal
  • Aperitif
    • Campari, Aperol
  • Liquors
    • Bailey’s Irish Cream, Fernet Branca, Fernet Branca Menta, Jägermeister, Ricard, Cointreau, Drambuie, Kahlua, Limoncello Roner
  • Beer
    • Heineken, Żywiec, Żywiec White
  • Cocktails
    • Bacardi Mojito, Long Island Iced Tea, Moscow Mule, Mai Tai, Polish Luxury Martini, Cosmopolitan, Aperol Spritz, Classic Margarita, Gin Basil Smash, Caipirinha
  • Non-alcoholic
    • Kropla Beskidu still water, Kropla Delice sparkling water, Coca-Cola, Coca Cola Zero, Fanta, Sprite, Kinley Tonic Water, Old Jamaican Ginger Beer
  • Juice
    • Apple, black currant, orange, tomato, grapefruit
  • Hot Drinks
    • Coffees & teas
  • 22 340 40 40 / 22 340 40 41